Demolition Service

Tired of looking at a dilapidated old outbuilding on your property? Need to tear down a structure to make way for a brand-new development? Whatever your need for a demolition service in Alexandria, LA, Schamerhorn, Inc. is the business to call. We handle demolition work of all types, no matter the scale. We’ve proven time and again that we have the machinery, abilities and foresight to handle demolition projects thoroughly and carefully.

Safety-Conscious Demolition

No matter the size or scope of the demolition in Alexandria, LA, have complete faith that our team will approach it from a safety-conscious standpoint. We put safety above all else when it comes to demolition work and are proud to maintain a superb track record for incident-free demolitions. Count on us to make sure people and property alike remain safe throughout the tear-down process.

Residential or Commercial Demolition

From homes to businesses, outbuildings to exterior fixtures, we handle demolition across all types of projects, no matter the backdrop. Give us a call no matter if your project is residential or commercial in nature and get the results you need.

Tear-Down Service

We specialize in simple tear-downs, helping you quickly and safely reduce standing structures to rubble. This type of demolition is ideal for crowded spaces such as residential areas or urban settings, allowing us to quickly demolish a building without the need for multiple pieces of machinery. Using an excavator, we quickly and completely bring down your building.

Debris Removal

When the demolition work is all done and you’re left with a pile of debris, don’t look for another contactor to haul it away. When you choose Schamerhorn, Inc. for demolition services, we come equipped to haul away and properly dispose of debris. For us, the job’s not done until the site is clean and ready for redevelopment!

For more information about our demolition services or to speak with us about the details of your tear-down project, please give us a call at 337-238-2700.

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